Monday, January 12, 2015

Running again for the openSUSE Board

Last year I was elected from the community to be one of the members of the openSUSE Board. It was an amazing experience and I learned more things that I could imagine. What I learned from this experience is that being an openSUSE Board member requires people that are deeply involved to the project.

This year I am running again for board and I would like your vote.


Over the years I served the openSUSE project with many ways. I was for some years in charge for the Ambassador program, I was a member for Travel Support Program and I am a member of the Marketing Team. Last but not least I was one of the creators of the Greek community where in 2013 organized the openSUSE Conference in Thessaloniki Greece.

My vision

What I believe I could change as a member of the board would be mostly to strengthen the role of the community in order to continue bringing contributors to the Project. My opinion is that the openSUSE Project can use some more visibility in events around the globe, events that will continue bringing more people and more contributors to the openSUSE Project. Our Project is evolving and I feel that more people should know about it, evolve and be a part of those changes. 

SUSE is providing the openSUSE Project some of the best people around FOSS. Many community people see the SUSE people that work for the openSUSE Project not as part of the community but as something different, the truth is(and it should be heard) that those guys are not 9-5 employees but a genuine part of the broader openSUSE community that are very open to any help. So my vision for this year is to do what is needed to eliminate this perception. I believe that by doing that will help the Project evolve even more and faster.

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