Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tech Ministry's first ownCloud event

A week ago we had an ownCloud event in our Hackerspace where Stathis and me presented ownCloud to the people. I wanted to make something different than present a new feature of ownCloud so I decided to make a presentation about how Tech Ministry is using and going to use ownCloud. It was a 15 minutes presentation that was seperated to 5 minutes of me talking and 10 minutes people asking. aparently many people was asking us many things about our decision to make something like that. As we are a new Hackerspace most of the people around were new people. Kudos to Stathis and Tech Ministry's network team for answering half of the questions back. Needless to say about
Here are some photos:

If you are interested you can find more at the G+ event page .
See you at the next one

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