Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amazing Google Code-In

Happy new year my reader, I wish 2012 to be a successful year for everyone. After many days sick in bed today I finally managed to do some work and review two tasks I had on hold(sorry guys), later I realized that students had completed 21 out of 24 task I had and I found that really impressive. Most of the tasks I had as a mentor where video tasks and translation tasks, basically things that will help newbies (and not only) to learn and do things easier with openSUSE. To be honest I never thought GCI would go so well and produced so high quality products but I have to say that things have changed a lot since I was a student and this was not so long ago ;-) .

I started along with the other 2 Stathis (Iosifidis and Agrapidis a.k.a Diamond_gr and Efagra), as they are GCI mentors too, to review the results of the work we got from it as a local community and so far it is quite amazing. Given the fact that the next few months we will try and improve the Greek wiki of openSUSE the GCI was so far a great help. 

I really hope most of the students will stay around and continue the amazing work they do if not openSUSE in FLOSS generally.