Thursday, July 24, 2014

3d Printer continuum

...It's been a while since I last blog, well it is summer and I am on the run with my work so time is never enough.
I am still playing with my Prusa i3 3D printer and hopefully I am a few steps closer to the end. The last few days I ordered some more materials that I did not had and some that I ordered but turned out to be the wrong parts(yeap that happens too when you are a rookie :P ). The good thing is that nowdays the printer actually looks like a printer, the other good thing is that there are not actually wrong parts, it is just the parts for the next one that I will build :) . I also had some time to read a bit more about the wiring and while waiting for the parts to come I will actually work on assembling my heat bed and the power supply. Maybe I will find the courage to program the arduino, although I am avoiding this like hell since I am not confident enough,yet.
Here are some pictures and you cannot see some of the missing parts :D

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Prusa i3 -The Beggining

It's been a while, actually almost a year since I last bloged, and what a year...
So after oSC13 I've decided among many other things that I did to finally start building my own 3d Printer. I was determined to build a Prusa Mendel V2 when I sudently changed my mind and decided to build a Prusa i3. Just to be honest I just think that Prusa i3 is more beautiful than Prusa Mendel.
 I was reading on how to build a 3d printer since I first saw one in oSC11 but I though it was to complicated and I asked the help of a friend who knew electronics. For many reasons the friend jumped out of the idea so I 'paused' the idea since I did not had the knowlege to do it on my own and the fact that organizing oSC13 was a very time and consitration consuming thing. Finally this January I decided that I will try to make one of my own and see what happens, so I wrote down the BOM of PRusa i3 and started looking to buy the parts. Nowdays I am at the point that I have almost all parts gathered, except the Hotend that I think deserves some more searching before purchasing one. Today it was the first day that I started putting together the frame. A rookie mistake holds me down from completing the frame today but I am pretty sure that I will have the frame assembled by the end of next week. It is Summer and being a Forest firefighter make time a luxury so the end of next week is not that far. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

oSC13 is over, but there are more to come, join us.

openSUSE Conference is officially over. We did our best and it worked. I hope all of you had fun although I know that most of you did. There are no words of how gratefull I am to all of those people that helped for this to become a reality.
You can find all the talks in this YouTube playlist. If you have any more photos and you want to share please send them to me, I lost most of the conference trying to make it happen so I would like to see every minute.

More to come...

For those of you who lost oSC13 and for those who want to do it again, no worries openSUSE Summit is comming, join us there and have fun. I will come back with more information about it soon. I need to sleep a few days before doing that :D

oSC14 is around the corner...

Yeap oSC14 is comming on April so get ready for even more fun to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Another Great team of volunteers and Free software activists are ready to host us and rock our brains out. Also one of the things I will come back later with more details.

Bottom line

Community works and it can make anything happen, all it needs is people to stand up and do things, so simple. Stop complaining about stuff, stop talking about stuff, just stand up and make things happen. We are the openSUSE community and we are evolving.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organizing oSC13 - 2 days before(Zero hour)

Well we are practically on day zero. All the core volunteers are now here, and final set up and testing is doing and every hour counts. Huge efforts are becoming from all people around and all people working in the same spot make this one huge hackfest, saving precious time. Preparation for this conference was huge and this is 'show time' for us. The dark spot here is that no matter how we tried, no matter how personal time we dedicated and no matter how tired we are, nothing of that will actually matter if we do not deliver the best  openSUSE conference done.
 To be honest this whole thing surely did not started how I wanted and did not continued as I wanted. I hoped for more help from people, and this is 'my' people. Unfortunately many people were not sure for us taking the conference and many people that said will help were just vanished from the face of the earth after we finally got the conference.
On the other hand help came from unexpected places, faith to the broader community paid off and Stella and Henne turned out to have super powers. I am a very lucky guy I'm telling you...

I don't want to jinx it but if this conference goes the way it should then this will be a great 'fuck off' to all those people. This years oSC team finally made it and delivered what promised to the community.

I am not sure if I will have another actual post until the conference starts(I am planning to post some preparation photos along with comments :P ) so for those coming to this years openSUSE Conference, make things that matter, have a lot of fun and drink like there is no tommorow.
For those who won't come all I will say is that you will lose an once in a life time experience.