Thursday, July 24, 2014

3d Printer continuum

...It's been a while since I last blog, well it is summer and I am on the run with my work so time is never enough.
I am still playing with my Prusa i3 3D printer and hopefully I am a few steps closer to the end. The last few days I ordered some more materials that I did not had and some that I ordered but turned out to be the wrong parts(yeap that happens too when you are a rookie :P ). The good thing is that nowdays the printer actually looks like a printer, the other good thing is that there are not actually wrong parts, it is just the parts for the next one that I will build :) . I also had some time to read a bit more about the wiring and while waiting for the parts to come I will actually work on assembling my heat bed and the power supply. Maybe I will find the courage to program the arduino, although I am avoiding this like hell since I am not confident enough,yet.
Here are some pictures and you cannot see some of the missing parts :D

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Prusa i3 -The Beggining

It's been a while, actually almost a year since I last bloged, and what a year...
So after oSC13 I've decided among many other things that I did to finally start building my own 3d Printer. I was determined to build a Prusa Mendel V2 when I sudently changed my mind and decided to build a Prusa i3. Just to be honest I just think that Prusa i3 is more beautiful than Prusa Mendel.
 I was reading on how to build a 3d printer since I first saw one in oSC11 but I though it was to complicated and I asked the help of a friend who knew electronics. For many reasons the friend jumped out of the idea so I 'paused' the idea since I did not had the knowlege to do it on my own and the fact that organizing oSC13 was a very time and consitration consuming thing. Finally this January I decided that I will try to make one of my own and see what happens, so I wrote down the BOM of PRusa i3 and started looking to buy the parts. Nowdays I am at the point that I have almost all parts gathered, except the Hotend that I think deserves some more searching before purchasing one. Today it was the first day that I started putting together the frame. A rookie mistake holds me down from completing the frame today but I am pretty sure that I will have the frame assembled by the end of next week. It is Summer and being a Forest firefighter make time a luxury so the end of next week is not that far.