Thursday, April 9, 2015

Into the clouds...

Where is the cloud? How safe is the cloud? Why to use a cloud service?

Those where the first questions I asked when I learned about the cloud a few years ago while I was in a conference. Of all three questions the third was the easiest to answer since I already had a problem with on where to store my presentations while traveling from conference to conference since I already had a lot of experience with 'flash drive accidents' . I was always careful and always had my presentations at least in 3 different storage after completion but even though all the 'safety' measures I was taking the personal stress of thinking that at any given moment things could go wrong.

 I tried my first cloud service that was Dropbox. It was nice for a while but then the other two questions came up and although I was sure about my content I wanted to know where is my content stored and how safe my content was. Two years ago I discovered ownCloud  and it seemed like a good idea that was going to solve all of my problems. I am a plain user and I do not need any 'extreme' stuff from my cloud, although ownCloud has that too. Setting it up was much less trouble than expected and this is another strong point of ownCloud. Literally it takes just a bit longer than it takes creating an account to gmail. Also it was much easier for my wife to learn how to use it after I had a client installed in her laptop. At least easier that teaching her ssh and stuff... Made my family life much easier :D
Last but not least ownCloud is Open Source and if you are reading this blog for a while you know how I feel about it :)

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