Sunday, April 17, 2011

Payback is a bitch

Setting priorities is really important to our existence. One of the mistakes many people do, myself among them, is to set stuff above our-self's and personal health. Most times we suppose that our mind and body forgets and forgives but this is just a shitty illusion. Payback is a bitch and this week I got it all in my face.
Out of nowhere I got sick physically. I said ok, you know, screw that I will work from home but then a second hit came. I just could not concentrate in anything, ever happened to you for more than a day? That really sucks dudes. So all that was left for me was to make things I do physically, Zombie physically that is ;-) . So I had myself watching TV series, reading books and listening to music. Nice nothing bad with that except that I left important things to be done behind but until then, I had it. I can produce extreme amounts of work in short time when needed but yesterday night I had the third strike. A toothache that made me completely useless. No thinking, no reading, no music, no beers, no riding no chicks, no nothing. Total pain. Pain overall. My body and mind raised me the middle finger like I did putting the wrong priorities those last days. Sunday at a dentist, another dream come true...

Thank God I got all those great people around me. So after the dentist my friends organized a barbeque for me,so that I feel better, out of nothing. Good friends, good food, guitars, beers and a lot of laugh, mostly by making fun of my situation. Tomorrow is another day, I hope I will feel better.
Take good care of your priorities people. Payback is a bitch and not one of the good ones...

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  1. Περαστικά πάλι Superman. Να 'μουν κι εγώ εκεί να τσιμπούσα κάνα λουκάνικο με μπύρα :-P