Saturday, November 5, 2011

openSUSE 12.1 RC2 installed

I was expecting RC2 for a week now since this was the deadline I had given myself in order to install 12.1. I am going to be honest, I was expecting problems and usually I wait for at least a month after the actual release date in order to install any distribution, I did that on 11.3 and on 11.4. I still don't consider myself an experienced Linux user but there was something in 12.1 one that made me trust my abilities and go on.

So I made coffee and started a clear installation. After the instalation finished I had a few problems but it was finally proven that all of the problems I had were PEBKAC problems and were solved due to the great patience people at the #opensuse-project and #opensuse-kde IRC channels showed with me.

I really got very impressed by 12.1, it is probably the fastest Linux Distribution I can remember I ever had,that systemd everybody are talking about and I still don't actually understand what it is seems to improved things a lot.
Stability was never really a problem on openSUSE and to be honest it is too soon to speak about that but I found no problems with that. Kernel 3.1 is working fine, nouveau driver worked just fine with my nvidia and there is no need to use a closed driver. KDE 4.7.2 is Great.
Generally I was impressed by 12.1 mostly because I was expecting to face some problems and I did not, either I am getting better, either openSUSE is coming again with another Great distribution made by the community to the community. What do you think?

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