Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Community Works

Me and Stathis(diamond_gr)
 Yesterday once again I felt very proud about the work I have done so far with Stathis (diamond_gr) in the formation of the Greek community from Scratch. We were having that event at a school for xariseto.gr where people were giving away stuff they no longer used for free to other people and we were there to inform people about FOSS. The last time I went to such an event I was alone and I had difficulties on talking to everybody since there were a lot of people that were really got interesting in openSUSE. This time Stathis would come with me and we asked other people to come to help if they could. The response was immediate from 2 members that came and helped us for more than 7 hours.

Our member Ipparion giving instructions about openSUSE
When we people started coming asking questions I felt very proud about those people. The reason was the passion that people show about serving the Greek openSUSE community, three months ago we were 2 people trying to make a stand and now we have a bunch of very skilled people making all short of things for openSUSE community.
 The Greek openSUSE community seem to bloom and it is great to know that you have a great part. Yesterday we showed our superiority since we went to the event like a team,we worked as a team and we managed to do all the right things a community should do. Older communities from openSUSE community were present but not even close to our level of organization. And although the great amount of work we made, still we had a lot of fun.

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