Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organize a booth for openSUSE at an event

 To be honest with you I just wrote that article for the openSUSE wiki but I liked it so much that I decided to blog it.

Well it's time to go and organize your booth.You did it all correctly so far:
  • You announced the event on the mailing lists.
  • You registered a booth.
  • You got the promotional material you asked.
  • You got all the items of the checklist bellow.
  • You even found other people to participate with you in the booth.
...And now what?
You are at your booth that made so many efforts to get and all you see is three empty walls and a table,or even worst only a dirty table,now what?

 Don't let that or anything else get you down,remember you are the Boss now.
First of all and before you put out the promo material or anything else you have with you for the decoration of the booth,make sure the the booth is clean,if its not,clean it. A clean booth is of great importance.After that, think of the decoration of the booth first and then get your things out and put them in the place you thought,if you don't have a clue of how to decorate a booth and you are a bit nervous about it then relax and do the same procedure backwards. Put out your things and the promo material and just throw your things around and make the changes you want.Always listen to others on that,but listen does not mean follow so if you don't agree with something you were told just do it your way,remember you are in control.Use your creativity and try not to be nervous,all other things will come natural.

 Now it's time for the event to start,you made all of the above and now you have to decide were to put your people (or your self if you are alone) to stand.The standard place you (all) can take is in front of your stuff. although some times this is not the best,once again do how you feel more comfortable and more correctly to you for the best result. If you are in a big event and you have more than 2 people assist you,better to give to one of your team member the role of refill the promo material and help the others to whatever they want. It may sounds a bit underestimating that there will be one serving the others but in a major event this role is critical for the success of the booth,remember a team is like a machine and even the smallest screw can prevent it from working.

 The event started,people are passing by and they are getting interesting and ask a lot of things,all is great but you cannot manage to talk to everyone,don't get nervous about it,anyone who really wants to take information will wait.If you get nervous you might become rude to the one you are currently talking or you might not give the right information and prevent people use openSUSE with that. Remember, try not to become nervous and that it is possible not to be able to talk to all so if you cannot avoid it,its ok.Everybody knows that you are doing the best you can.

 Last but not least,the checklist of items to take with you above the promotional material,just in case.In an ideal world you won't need any of that:
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissor
  • Screwdriver
  • Pins
  • Knife
  • Clean up products
  • Paper towels

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