Friday, January 21, 2011

To be is to do,to do has to be fun...

These days the Greek openSUSE community took over most of my time since some of the hard working members are University students and it is examination season here in Greece and so I had to give them less or no work at all and someone should replace them so that no community work will fall back. For this week we made it and we still hold on as planned. We just released the Greek edition of Weekly news. Unfortunately I feel I left back a bit my work at the marketing team but I will catch up ;-) .
 ...But on the other hand this week I had the opportunity to start writing a Greek article about Project Evergreen that got my attention and I had some ideas about we can promote it. I got in touch with Wolfgang Rosenauer about it so that I can take his personal opinion and some directions about it and with Stratos Zolotas from the Greek Community that makes some bug-testing in 2 desktops and a server for the Evergreen project. It is a really interesting project and is another thing that shows the free will of the people in the openSUSE community to create and develop their own community projects. That last goes to those who believe that the openSUSE community is a corporate slave...

 Another thing I made this week is becoming an even more active openSUSE contributor by entering the Greek Localization team and even making a BerliOS account. To be honest with you this was not my original intention for now but it came up due to my will to translate the WebYaST user manual. I am really excited with that work because is far more exciting than I was expecting. Of course I still have some difficulties but it is like a new toy for me and I spend a lot of my time with it the past 2 days.

I also joined the openSUSE connect . I am from those few people that don't like Facebook, that is why I have no account there and as Stathis told me this is the 'Lizard Facebook' without the farm game and all the other annoying applications. Well I thing I liked it... I am now try to find ways to make it a useful tool so that we will start being productive and creative with it. I would suggest to all of you to give it a look.

 Other than that there are the elections part... I found out many things about people through all that procedure. I got the idea that many people thought that I would give up everything I do in order to support my campaign. I hope I prove all of them wrong. Understand that nothing in life will change dramatically  after the elections are over. As I said many times before, I prefer acting more than everything else and my positions are written in my election platform. Sometimes doing nothing is also an action.

Kostas Koudaras

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