Wednesday, January 5, 2011

...And a happy new year

 2011 Finally came, I wish you all a healthy overall year although this new years dawn found me ill with a cold and fever, as a result of recklessly insisting on riding a motorcycle at -2 C. From the start I sense that this year will be a hard working one. 3 days ago I opened my eyes from fever and I found last years jobs awaiting. I lost the deadline I gave to my self for releasing the openSUSE Weekly news. I didn't shared the articles for translation to the people and I had left my candidacy for the board without a candidate amongst other things that I had to do. I was in panic for about 2 seconds, I confess that no matter what I do I hate not completing the jobs I took over. Two seconds later I tried to concentrate,  I chilled out and let things role. Thank God I have good people around me helping me, so I finished all the works around the Greek community, I even found the time to organize some new things like a very interesting event that we will announce in the next few days.
 Other than that I made some work with my candidacy, I prepared my Board election platform and started make some planning for my campaign. I still have lots of hard work to do. The other candidates are really interesting people and all of them have contributed a lot to the project. It is going to be a hard race and this is good because it will be interesting to the end. I believe that no matter the results, openSUSE community will be the final winner.

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